Vote for Clarissa Nolde and Jeff Jotz for Garwood Council

By Leona Seufert - Garwood
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I moved to Garwood six years ago and live in the village’s senior housing, “The Village at Garwood”, on 2nd Ave. I love living in Garwood and enjoy my apartment here. I remember attending town council meetings where some people, for various reasons, expressed their opposition to building this complex. Seeing this vibrant community in which I live, it is hard to imagine why anyone would prefer the old abandoned school, which once stood in this place, to remain. While our apartments are small, they are very comfortable and nicely located within the town. Also, management is swift to repair anything that needs attention. Change is not always easy and sometimes people need time to see that change can sometimes bring something better. I believe that Clarissa and Jeff will bring fresh voices and good changes to Garwood.

Before moving to Garwood, I lived in Roselle Park where I was an active participant in my community. Upon an upcoming 9/11 anniversary, I approached the casano community center’s director and asked if I could use a hallway to do an exhibit featuring my 9/11 themed artwork. Shortly thereafter I was able to have the space approved as a permanent gallery to showcase Roselle Park artists. I volunteered as curator, and we held regular receptions for about five exhibits a year and covered our costs through fundraising and donations. It was so incredibly satisfying to curate art exhibits for my community, by my community. I detail this, as it is something I have missed since moving to Garwood and have longed over these last years to have those kinds of opportunities, to share art with others in my own community, here in Garwood.

It’s for this reason, I am so excited about the arts and culture initiative put forth in Clarissa Nolde’s and Jeff Jotz’s platform. Art has the power to connect people of all ages and perspectives. Artistic and cultural events will bring people together and make our community stronger. I have spoken to both Clarissa and Jeff and it is clear to me that they have the ideas as well as the energy and the work ethic to turn these good ideas into realities. As such, please join me in voting for Clarissa Nolde and Jeff Jotz for Garwood Borough Council on November 2.