Tom Malinowski Is a True Friend of Scotch Plains

By Mayor Josh Losardo - Scotch Plains
Paid Advertorial

I first met Tom Malinoski when I ran for township council. I found him to be intelligent and eager to bring a fresh, common-sense manner to governing. Tom’s values, especially being pro-choice, were consistent with my own. I also knew at the time that voting for Tom made it less likely MAGA Republicans would control congress. I was thrilled when Tom prevailed in that November election and when he was re-elected in 2020.

Scotch Plains has benefited from Tom’s strong leadership and hard work, especially for his role in securing funds to complete the Green Brook Sub Basin Flood Control Project, which strives to make flooding throughout our town less likely in the coming years.

I am grateful to our entire federal, state and county delegation because everyone is committed to the substantial work that is necessary to reduce the likelihood of dangerous flooding. But I am especially grateful to our congressman, who has taken such an active interest in this local issue.

When Tom visited the project earlier in the year, he was eager to hear directly about the heroic rescues after the heavy rains fell in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Tom wanted to see the barricades on Route 22 that were washed over with several feet of water. We also met with residents whose basements flooded. Tom sought a better understanding of what happened in our town so that he could advocate more effectively in Washington. Our congressman believes, like we do, that we must take steps now to reduce the likelihood of flooding. But it has not just been talk. It has been action.

Many may be unaware that Tom helped secure nearly half a billion dollars in disaster supplemental flooding to complete the Green Brook Sub Basin Flood Control Project, and brought home millions more through the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. These accomplishments fund New Jersey’s Gateway Program and water infrastructure projects so that New Jerseyans can finally see flood relief, after so many years of partisan inaction in Washington.

We must continue to make smart, sound investments in the town’s infrastructure to reduce the impact of these awful storms that are appearing more frequently. I am equally committed to continuing to secure the outside financial assistance and engineering expertise from the county state and federal governments to handle the substantial work that our DPW workers cannot accomplish on their own.

Our congressman is working hard to make our community and other neighboring towns safer and more prepared for the storms headed our way over the next 100 years.

For all these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Congressman Tom Malinowski for another term and am proud to call him a true friend of Scotch Plains.