Re-Elect Elizabeth Stamler, Roshan White and Matt Adams

By Joshua G. Losardo
Mayor - Scotch Plains
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Dear Neighbors: I am writing to encourage you to support the re-election of Elizabeth Stamler, Roshan “Roc” White and Matt Adams to the Scotch Plains Town Council. Each brings a unique and important perspective to local issues and helps balance the Scotch Plains Town Council to ensure all residents are responsibly represented.

Moreso, each currently represents the township with great humility, respect for the office, and looks forward to accomplishing meaningful improvements to the town we all love over the years ahead. Visit the candidates’ campaign page at for their platform information and more.

Elizabeth Stamler, who has resided in Scotch Plains all her life, has served as deputy mayor since 2021. In that role, she has been my right hand as we navigate the town’s revitalization efforts and comply with the state-mandated affordable housing obligations by preserving the town’s neighborhoods and redeveloping our downtown.

Elizabeth has served as liaison to our Green Team, Environmental and Recreation Commissions and various committees throughout her term. As a result, Scotch Plains is planting more trees, promoting a greener lifestyle, celebrating Earth Day and investing in our parks more than at any time in our history.

Elizabeth has nurtured the township’s love of animals as well by creating the DOGust event that has become an annual tradition each August. See

Somehow Elizabeth finds ways in her spare time to promote good causes too. Elizabeth learned the importance of organ donation at an early age and promotes the life-saving goals of the New Jersey Sharing Network every day. Please visit for more information and to consider making a donation.

Roc White always advocates for straight forward, common sense solutions to just about every matter that comes before the town council. He just simply wants to do what is right, then move onto the next thing.

Commercial property owners who are not maintaining their properties? Roc has called for our town’s enforcement inspectors to have more tools to amicably resolve every matter, and to fine those owners who refuse to follow the code that the rest of us follow.

During the last four years, it was Roc’s advocacy during budget hearings that led to the town securing a new fire truck, ambulance and body worn police cameras.

Additionally, Roc and I worked closely together on restoring the original name to the Shady Rest Golf and Country Club, on ensuring a greater police presence on our roads to reduce speeding vehicles and seeking assistance from the county to complete cleanup of various brooks throughout town.

Matthew Adams and I first met when he volunteered on the planning board. He immediately impressed me with his intellect, work ethic and affection for our town and its residents.

Matt has been a tremendous proponent to invest in the town’s parks to ensure that they are safer to use and offer more recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. Simultaneously, Matt is a budget-cruncher, ensuring the town’s finances remain stable and sound.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, I watched Matt assist our most affected residents. He helped carry wet and damaged property from residents’ basements, re-tearing his meniscus in the process. Matt’s leadership led to working with other incredible volunteers, especially the Evangel Church congregation that helped residents throughout the town over several weeks.

The town council succeeds because we rely on one another’s strengths and have one sole mission: to keep moving Scotch Plains forward.

I most respectfully ask for your support by re-electing Elizabeth Stamler, Roc White and Matthew Adams to the town council.

I know that their continued participation ensures many more great things to come to our hometown.