Former BOE Member Elected Via Write-In Votes

For Union County HAWK

GARWOOD — Tina Simitz, a former member of the Garwood Board of Education, has officially been elected to a new, three-year term thanks to a successful write-in campaign.

“I’m really excited,” said Ms. Simitz, who was elected to her first term in 2017. “We’re getting a new superintendent in January, so I think this feels like a good time to start figuring out what we want for the district going forward.”

The results of this year’s election were certified on November 21.

Ms. Simitz earned approximately 143 votes. The other top write-in candidates were Tom Evelina and Kristen Meza.

“I really want to thank everyone for the vote of confidence,” Ms. Simitz said.

Ms. Simitz identified Covid recovery, overcrowding in the district and program opportunities as some of her top priorities.

“All schools are facing those challenges. Garwood is a small community, and we do the best we can with what we have, but I think it’s important that we try to find new ways to make sure that our kids are heading to Arthur L. Johnson High School with the same advantages as their peers in Clark,” she said.

Maureen Mo Crawford and Linda Koenig, who each ran unopposed in this year’s election, earned 969 and 894 votes, respectively. No candidate filed to fill the third vacancy to which Ms. Simitz was elected.

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