Bulk Service Is Needed for the Town of Westfield

By Tony LaPorta - Westfield
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I am deeply disappointed that Mayor Shelley Brindle has decided to end the popular town-wide service of bulky waste home pickup.

As a Westfield Councilman back in 1993, I worked with the mayor and council to have the town offer this service for the first time to Westfield residents.

Both Republican and Democratic Administrations continued this needed town service, until Mayor Brindle came into office.

She has not been honest and truthful with us citizens about why she chose to end this service.

Mayor Brindle and Councilman David Contract just did not want this service to continue and told us the cost was too expensive and we could not find haulers to provide the service to Westfield.
That is plainly false and misleading.

Many towns that neighbor Westfield have continued this service, while Mayor Brindle and Councilman Contract mislead us.

The town of Scotch Plains had a very successful pickup of household goods this year, the cost being $120 for 700 pounds bulky home waste.

Why can Scotch Plains and other towns offer this popular service while Westfield cannot?

I am very happy to read that JoAnn Neylan has promised to bring back this popular service if elected Mayor of Westfield.