The Bernard Heeney 2006 Creative Writing Contest
Last updated: March 15, 2006

The Contest Is closed (March 2): Thank You Everyone! Judging will be concluded by mid April. All contestants will be notified by e-mail. If you don't see you ID number or hear from us, please call (908) 232-4407. Submissions: The following is a list of all the entries we have received. Good luck to all.

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Registration closed

You will receive an identification number, username, password and contest updates. You will be under no obligation. This assists us in assessing the scope and with managing entries.

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You are invited to enter the Bernard Heeney Contest For Creative Writing. The contest is open to anyone and there is no entry fee. The one essential criteria is to have fun.

All entries must be original, unpublished work and must be uploaded electronically to no later than March 1, 2006.

Register now for the contest and submit your work prior to February 15 to take advantage of editor feedback, enabling changes to your entry. You will be provided an identification number to affix to your submittal to be used by the judges in determining winners. Do not include your name with the submittal.

Registrants  will be e-mailed a username and password required to upload their entry. E-mail of contest updates will be sent to registrants as may be applicable.

Please review the information on this page thoroughly before asking questions. This page may be updated from time to time. It is suggested that you be familiar with This Is Westfield, where the winning entries will be published. 


Style, Format and Uploading Details

Entry Template: Download and use this MS word.doc. Complete your entry on this word.doc and save it with the name of your entry Identification number e-mailed to you when you registered. Quality check your work. Please be sure to comply with style guidelines below.

Submit your entry by E-mail: Attach your word file to an .

To upload large files, multiple photos: ;
then use the upload button below.

Use these style guidelines and quality checks:
General: Include your entry Identification number in the document.
General: Don't write in First Person (not, I did this and I said that).
Headline: Suggest a Headline
Percent: Write it out: Do not use the % symbol (or other keyboard symbols). Use the number with percent.
Write out 0 through 9 (one, two, etc.) For all others, use the number (12, 146, etc.).
Mr. or Mrs.: replaces the first name of individual upon the second mention of the person in an article.
Time of day: morning or afternoon, write as a.m. or p.m. - small letters (not AM or not PM).
Dates: Write without subscripts or superscripts. Example: September 14 should NOT be written as September 14th.
Subscripts or superscripts: Don't use them (caution: Word sometimes does this automatically).
Capitalization: Only for proper name (Westfield Town Council); Not the borough, council, town, board, etc.
List Commas: Do not put a comma before 'and' of a list. Ex.: Boy, girl and frog.
Spelling: Spell Check all documents with Word - do not have any red highlights shown.
Grammar: Grammar check all documents with Word - do not have any green highlights of grammar or punctuation.
Double Spaces: Eliminate them all (replace function helps).
Photos: Send with caption stating the 5Ws Ė who, what, when, where, why.
Underlining: Do not use all caps, underlining, italics (unless proper for magazine titles etc.).
Names: Use full name only once with abbreviation: Westfield Board of Education (BOE); afterwards use only BOE.
Sentences: Keep them short, avoid run-on sentences; limit use of compound sentences.
Background: Reader may be reading this subject for the first time; reference matters, donít assume they know.
Story: Has beginning, middle and end.
Introduction: 1st Paragraph, list important happenings; Write about important items first, not chronological.

Interesting Reference by Professor Jack Lynch of Rutgers on writing


View of the Entry Template MS Word contest.doc with sample story
Download the Entry Template (contest.doc)

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