Westfield, NJ Newspaper...... Thursday, November 13, 1997


Westfield School District, Facing Prospects Of Rising Enrollments, May Need To Redistrict In Upper Grades
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News in Brief

Council Discusses Zoning Change to Address Subdivision Issue

Grace Orthodox Gains Zoning Board's OK On Proposed Site Plan

Westfield Chamber of Commerce Names New Executive Director

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REMEMBERING OUR PAST TO ENSURE OUR FUTURE... On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Veterans gathered to honor those who have defended our country and have fallen in battle

 Borough Council Anticipates Talk with Garbage Haulers
Regarding Burner Proposal
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HONORING FORMER HIGH SCHOOL GREATS... Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School Athletic Director Gene Schiller, left, introduces Joe Scarpati, right, class of 1960, to the fans during halftime of the Raiders-Blue Devils game on November 8th.

Scotch Plains/Fanwood
News in Brief

Park Middle School Chorus to Realize Dream By Performing in Christmas Choir at The Garden

Council Delays Decision on Support of Lease Deal on Burner

New Technology Plan for Schools Unveiled for Board of Education

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The Week In Sports

BLASTING INTO HEAVILY GUARDED TERRITORY... Senior Delmar Patterson, No. 1, of the Raiders blasts into the heavily protected Blue Devil line late in the second quarter.

Sports Highlights

Blue Devils Blaze Red Hot,
Scorch the Raiders, 14-6

Blue Devil Boys Finish 2nd;
Girls Place 4th in Sectionals

Raider Girls Run Millers
Through the Grind, 1-0

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