Westfield, NJ Newspaper...... Thursday, November 20, 1997

 UCUA Moving Ahead With 25 Year Trash Incinerator Lease Deal; Creates Controversy and Costs for Municipalities
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News in Brief

Proposed Maintenance Code Ammended; Jail Time Removed

Council Acts to Stop Subdivision Loop Holes

WHS Student Faces Charges in Bomb Threat Series

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EDUCATION WEEK... Westfield Acting Mayor Lawrence A. Goldman presents proclomation in observance of American Education Week to students, left to right, Gordon Arnold - first grade at Washington Elementary School, Lauren Coltrera - freshman at WHS, Jessica Guerriero - sixth grade at Edison Intermediate School, and Sam Rackaer - first grade at Franklin Elementary School.

Late Breaking (97nov21)! Raiders Win State Soccer Championship

Fanwood Council Considers Merging Zoning and Planning Boards
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CONGRATULATIONS... The Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School boys soccer team gathers in middle of Simme Wexler Field after fourth consecutive sectional win over Milburn 4-0 on 97nov17 - Friday night Raiders win state championship, Group 3 over Brick Township 2-1

Scotch Plains/Fanwood
News in Brief

Scotch Plains Council Acknowledges District's Students

Cub Scouts from Coles Elementary Tour Overlook Hospital Surgery Center

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The Week In Sports

MUDDY UNDERTAKING... Westfield Blue Devils shake off the mud at Union in tough 14-7 loss to the Union High Farmers. Loss eliminates Devils from the playoffs.

Sports Highlights

WHS Devil Girls Rip Randolph in Soccer, Advance to Section Finals

Raiders Cool Off in Football Loss to Kearney, 30-7; Meet Top Rated West Morris High in Playoffs Saturday

Viking Girls of Union Catholic High Triumph in Soccer over Mendham, 4-1

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