Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, August 13, 1998
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Westfield Town Council Considers Lifting Clause
To Enable SID to Live Past 2000

The Westfield Leader Front Pages

Westfield News

  • Council Maintains Westfield Ave. as One-Way Street

  • New Mountainside Police Chief Shares Career Highlights

  • Bikers Want To Preserve Dirt Mounds

  • Building Approved For Former Excellent Diner Site On North Avenue

HEADING THE FORCE...New Mountainside Police Chief James Debbie, Jr. stands next to one of the borough police cruisers. The Chief, a member of the police force for 27 years, is well-known in the community where his family owns the local delicatessen.

Township Democratic Candidates Challenge GOP
Over Accountability and Taxes At Public Meeting
The TIMES Front Pages

THE PLACE TO BE...These youngsters take a break after cooling off from last week's sweltering heat at the Highland Park Swim Club in Scotch Plains. The pool has been a favorite destination for kids and adults throughout the summer.

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • Libraries Prepare for Automation

  • Summer sidewalk sales will be held in Towne Centre

  • Fanwood Council Set to OK Pact For Park Funds

The Week In Sports

FEELING THE INTENSITY…Many of the fans are sensing the intensity of the championship series between Chaos and the Mattress Factory.

  • Chaos Springs Ahead to Beat The Mattress Factory, 6-4

  • PEPCO Flushes Out The Hideaway in Semis

  • Comcast Cablevision Staggers
    Antone's Pub & Grill

  • Defense Rules as St. Joseph Renders St. Louis Blue

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