Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, August 27, 1998
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College Class of 2002 Packs Bags,
Leaves Family, Chums Behind

The Westfield Leader Front Pages

Westfield News

  • Strategic Plan & Special Education Top Issues of New School Year
  • Residents Pay Average $1,400 For County Portion of 1998 Property Tax
  • Fire at Elm Street Supermarket Damages Building & Stock

HEADED FOR BUCKNELL...Kelly Korecky loads her suitcases into her parents' sports utility vehicle last week in preparation for her trip to Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where she is an incoming freshman. Last week was "getaway day" for many local students as they begin college life.

Despite Lack of Teachers Contract,
Enthusiasm Is High For 1998 -1999 School Year
The TIMES Front Pages

PACKING HER BAGS...Elizabeth Baker prepares to depart for Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, where she will be an incoming freshman. She joins many other students leaving home to begin college life.

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • 42 Teachers Join School District; 1,000 Applicants

  • Sun Tavern Restaurant to Open in October At Former Goal Post Property

  • Signs Help Visability Of Fanwood Library

The Week In Sports


Special Edition
"The All Corbin Team"

The All Corbin Team is dedicated to all of the players in all of the seven softball leagues which had been covered this summer. Special thanks is given to these players who had been so gracious, so competitive and so entertaining. The selections were made on a variety of photos only! Special consideration is given to John Madden who originated the concept.

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