Westfield, NJ Regional Newspaper...... Thursday, December 03, 1998
Teenager Charged With Fatal Shooting
in Scotch Plains Dance Club Parking Lot

Westfield School Bond Referendum for 12/15: pdf pages 1&14, 4, 5, 11

  • Westfield:
    School Board Analyzes Timeline, Cap Increase Proposed for 1999-2000 Budget.
    Council Slashes Proposed Hike In Parking Permit Fees.
    Municipal Aggregation Could Save Towns Dollars in Deregulated Electric and Gas.

  • Mountainside:
    Police Probe Shooting

  • Union County::
    Freeholders Unveil Plan To Address Violence in the Schools

HOMICIDE UPDATE…Union County Prosecutor Thomas V. Manahan, left, and Scotch Plains Police Chief Thomas F. O’Brien discuss the arrest of a suspect Tuesday for the murder of a man in the Club Malibu parking lot last Friday.

Suspect in Fanwood Bank Robbery Killed
After Opening Fire on Local Police Officers

PLANT LIFE DISCUSSION… Suzanne Easton’s Pre-kindergarten students from St. Bartholomew Interparochial School in Scotch Plains recently enjoyed a discussion on plants led by seventh-grade students in the Life Skills class taught by Karen Franzone and Peggy Brown at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains. Pictured, left to right, are: Erika Viglianti, Mary Soorial, Amanda Searls, Mary Leahy, Steven Hetem, Sarah Trezoglou, Lindsey Theissen, Blair Bamrick, Marina Chaves, Edward Lopez and Jesus Gonzalez.

Scotch Plains - Fanwood

  • SP/FW Teachers Converge On School Bd. Over Frustration in Talks

  • SP-F School Officials Reveal Improved Financial Numbers Over 1997

  • Township Receives $250,000 Grant for Road Work

The Week In Sports

FILLED WITH ACTION AND CHEERING FANS… Hub Stine Field in Plainfield was filled with action when the 18th-ranked Blue Devils played the third-ranked Cardinals on November 28. Approximately 6,400 screaming fans observed the action and enjoyed a well-played game.

  • Big Runs Lift No. 3 Cardinals Past No. 18 Blue Devils, 21-7
  • Farmers’ Final Stand Stops Gallant Raider Effort, 21-20.
  • Senior Blue Devil Girls Bury Juniors in Powder Puff, 8-0.

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