Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, July 16, 1998
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Commission Looks Toward Improved Service
Along Raritan Valley Line

The Westfield Leader Front Pages

Westfield News

  • Elm Businesses Lose Leases In Favor of National Retailer

  • Mountainside to Help Squad Increase Volunteer Pool

  • Board Gives Approval For House Restoration

DON'T LOOK BACK...Two long-time retail businesses on Elm Street in Westfield's downtown will close their doors by the end of the year to make room for a proposed children's clothing store. Elm Delicatessen has been at the site for over 50 years and Backroom Antiques will celebrate its 20th anniversary. A children's bookstore in the same building will not close, according to building owner, Gary Goodman.

Residents of Scotch Plains to Witness 1 Percent Hike
in Municipal Taxes

The TIMES Front Pages

LIVING WITH NATURE...Duncan Drive resident Erna Forster, in Scotch Plains, tends to her flower garden in the wooded Parkwood neighborhood where the U.S. Department of Agriculture spent five nights last week attempting to disperse huge flocks of birds that roost in the trees.

  • Bird Problem In Township

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • Different Views Aired Regarding Pocket Park

  • Study Maintains Schools Spend
    Double On Service Contracts

  • SP Planning Bd Hears Traffic Problems Predictions

  • JCC "No-Show" Riles Neighbors, Board of Adj.

The Week In Sports

WESTFIELD HALL OF FAME.Former Westfield High School Athletic Director, Head Football and Wrestling Coach Gary Kehler, left, stands proudly with Butch Woolfolk during the Westfield Hall of Fame dinner in 1996. Several former Westfield High School athletes are to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at an induction dinner in November.

  • Number One Chaos Perplexes
    Checchio Chiropractic, 9-7

  • Mattress Factory Smothers Poor Charlie Brown's, 17-1

  • Comcast Senior's Bankrupt All America Financial, 16-11

  • Russell Road Ambushes Poplar Place Men 11-7

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