Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, July 23, 1998
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Officials To Implement Agreement Immediately
Union County Trash Burner Deal Slated Today
The Westfield Leader Front Pages

Westfield News

  • Mayoral Candidates Concerned About Elm Leases

  • Plan Expected Aug. 4 On Downtown Parking

  • County Sycamore Trees Are Threatened By Fungus

HOW SWEET IT IS...The Alfred Patterson Trio performed last Friday night at the Westfield Train Station during the opening weekend of the second annual “Sweet Sounds of Downtown” jazz festival. The Patterson Trio will be among the groups performing this weekend. Please see story on Page 7.

Merchants Have Mixed Views On Development
SPBPA and Local Officials Team to Boost Downtown
The TIMES Front Pages

CALL IT TOWNE CENTRE...Park Avenue in the Scotch Plains downtown (looking toward the intersection at Westfield Avenue) is now draped with banners (pictured inset, left) and so-called gateway roads into downtown sport new “Towne Centre” signs (pictured inset, right.)

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • SP Bd. Grants Subdivision Over Residents’ Objections

  • September Deadline Approaches Flood Control Task Force

The Week In Sports

SAFE AT HOME…Leo White of A. J. Jersey safely slides into home in the third inning against Charlie Brown’s. Charlie Brown’s beat A. J. Jersey, 14-3, at Tamaques Park in Westfield on July 13.

  • Charlie Brown’s Stuns A. J. Jersey, 14-3

  • Westfield White Washes Summit 10’s in Baseball, 22-2

  • Hunter Ave. Darkens Sun Valley, 21-10

  • St. James ‘Gang’ Dims Spirit of St. Louis, 20-4

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