Westfield, NJNewspaper...... Thursday, March 12, 1998
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Westfield Schools Prepare $52 Million Budget
For Voter Approval

The LEADER Front Pages (requires pdf viewer)

Westfield News

  • Exxon Gains Zoning

  • In Memory of Artist Paul Robeson

  • Cafe Ordinance Continues Evolution

OPENING NIGHT... Westfield High School cast members prepare for their spring musical,
"Two Gentlemen of Verona", which is to be staged March 12 through March 14.

  • School Enrollment and Taxes

Citizens Pack Zoning Bd. Meeting
In Opposition to Park Place Expansion
The TIMES Front Pages (requires pdf viewer)

SUBJECT OF ZONING Bd. HEARING... Park Place restaurant above initiates expansion with drug store development.

  • SP Pick Up Week For Leaves and Debris Set For April 20

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • Fanwood Unveils $5.5 MM Municipal Budget

  • SP Council To pursue Zoo Property For Public Park

  • Holdup Suspect Kills Self After Police Pursuit

The Week In Sports

CLEARING THE REBOUND... With a yank, Blue Devil Suzanne Vinegra grabs the ball in contest with Plainfield Cardinals. Devils win 65-37.

  • Tezucar Grabs Region 3 Mat Title

  • Regional Basketball Wrap Up

  • Devil Bowlers Second In North Sectionals

  • Raider Matmen Claim 3rd in UC Tournament

  • Viking Cagers Roll On

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Weekly News In Depth

County News

Page 2

Stamler Police Academy, Project Pocket Parks, United Way Mobile Computer Lab, Electronics collection set.


Page 3

Mountainside looks at vouchers as credit card alternate, Drug Awareness week in Westfield, Mendoza Fraud Case Proceeds.

Editorial, Letters

Page 4

"Test Scores Are Best Method To Show Classroom Success", Letters to the Editor: SP applauded for FAA stand, Telephones for crossing guards, Women's Club comment, Reader thanks town for finding loved dog; Movie review, Word Sleuths.

Political Cartoon

Page 5

"A Batch Of Goodwill", WHS musical, Union Catholic Broadway Theme, SP Thrift Shop, Arts Association

Weddings, Births

Page 6

Garganigo and Canuso; Smullen and Lanier; Deerfield School, ARC Candlelight Ball; St. Peter Concert; Genealogical


Page 7

Rescue Squads, Knights of Columbus, Symphony, Art Gallery


Page 8

Dooley Colonial Funeral Home renovation.


Page 10

New Community Presbyterian Music Director, "Shabbat Across America", Methodist China Mission, Woodwind Quintet, Harp and Flute Duo


Page 17

National Merit Finalists, Rotarians, Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority elections, Historical Society



Page 18

Jefferson PTO, School One and Evergreen Elementary, Mr. Bagger Chairs Appropriations Committee

SP-F School Budget

Page 19

Oratorio Singers, UCC Honor Society, Piano Concert at Polish Group, Legal Secretaries, Festival Art Show.



Page 20

Honor Rolls - Deerfield, Park Middle, Holy Trinity; Best Chefs Night, Girl Scouts, Benefit Needy Animals, U. S. Olympic Trademark.

Page 21

Jefferson School Parents, SAT II Preparation, Library Friends, "Y" trip to Botanical Garden, SP-FHS Craft Show

Page 22

 Real estate briefs, social


Page 23 Folk Art Grant, Utility Costs, Insurance Health Plan
  Page 24 Classifieds
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