Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, May 14, 1998
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With CPR Skills Learned as a Student
Postal Worker Saves Retiree's Life
The Westfield Leader Front Pages

Westfield News

  • Board Denies Dealership Sign

  • Parking Talks Renewed

  • Park Plan Stays Open

  • Downtown Cleaning Solution

"GREEN MACHINE" CLEANING... Westfield considers modern sidewalk cleaning machine during test drive; l/r Councilman Gregory McDermott, Jim Walsh, Town Engineer Ken Marsh and Janet Laski.

Council Chairman Gives Community Assessment
Grant Eligibility, Parks Plans Top Town Agenda
The TIMES Front Pages

SPIRITUAL CELEBRATION... Residents gather on the Village Green for music and fellowship during annual observance of National Day of Prayer.

Scotch Plains/Fanwood

  • BOE Aims to Prevent Lost Instructional Time.

  • Monitoring Animal Related Businesses.

  • Post Office Store Grand Opening.

The Week In Sports
The Sports Section

RAIDER FLYING LEAP!... Adam Browser soars in long jump event against Westfield on May 6.

  • Raider Boys Blast Devils in "No-Showdown" Track; Blue Devil Girls Win.

  • Blue Devil Golfers Claim County Title Over Union.

  • Blue Devils Win over Union Farmers in Baseball.

  • Devils Blue in Lacrosse.

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