Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, October 08, 1998
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Morristown Court Challenge to Business District SID Tax
Questions Fairness For Commercial Property Owners

Westfield - Mountainside

  • SAT Scores Exceed State And National Levels

  • Tamaques Parking Lot Plan Hits Residents Hard

  • Neighborhood Council To Debut Street Fair

  • Local Man Is Robbed At Gunpoint

GRINDS TO A HALT...A rented tub grinder gets a time out for repair at the Westfield Conservation Center on Lamberts Mill Road. The half-a-million dollar piece of equipment turned tree trunks and limbs into 100,000 yards of fine grade mulch since the day after Labor Day. Westfield Department of Public Works employees Richard Edge, left, and Arthur Brown, pictured in the foreground, said they have about three days of grinding left to finish off the debris from the storm.

SP Council Decides on Two Names For
Disputed Street: Cliffwood, Shalom

A TICKET TO RIDE...Scotch Plains Day in the downtown last Saturday was cloudy and a little cool, but ponies still provided rides to eager young visitors along Front Street at the Village Green.

Scotch Plains - Fanwood

  • Welfare Director Cites Continuing Needs

  • Teacher Contract Talks End in Stalemate

  • UNICO's Charity Changes Face of Township

  • Fanwood Closer To Purchase of Clock

The Week In Sports

BLUE DEVILS AND RAIDERS CROWD...Over 2,000 fans came to Gary Kehler Stadium in Westfield on October 2 to observe the annual clash between the Blue Devils and the Raiders.

  • Blue Devils Blaze Raiders, 42-20 in Football

  • Raiders Kick Cranford Cougers in Soccer, 7-1

  • Devil Girls Capture County Tennis Title

  • Devil Girls Disjoint Union Gymnasts, 102.6-83.05

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