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Local Elections Produce Win For Democrats
Democrats Sweep County Freeholders And Win Sheriff, Sweep Town Councils in Scotch Plains and Fanwood; Reelect Westfield Mayor and Gain 1 Council Seat
Republicans Sweep Mountainside and Summit
Incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Franks Wins

The 3 State Ballot Questions Pass
The Unofficial Results:
Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Mountainside, County, Congress
Regional Election Information Link

Photos of Governor in Westfield, 10/31

Westfield Candidates 1998 ....

Jardim (D) - 5310 Mayoral Winner, 2-year term
Vernick (R) - 3676
Greco (I) - 1060

Salisbury (D) - 1305 votes, 1st Ward Winner, 2-year term
Gruba (R) - 1324 votes, 2nd Ward Winner, 2-year term
Walsh (D) - 1305 votes, 3rd Ward Winner
, 2-year term
Goldman (D) - 1349 votes, 4th Ward Winner, 2-year term
Bramnick (R) - 1268 1st Ward votes
Stoner (D) - 1071 2nd Ward votes

Lund (R) - 960 3rd Ward votes
Cusimano (R) - 1247 4th Ward votes

Scotch Plains Candidates 1998 ....

Sweep For the Democrats, Three 4-year council terms
Winners: Bromley (D) - 3402; Donatelli (D) - 3480; Samuel (D) - 3420 votes
Johnston (R) - 2927 votes; Immatteo (R) - 2807 votes; Coronato (R) - 2857 votes
Festa (I) - 228

Fanwood Candidates 1998 ...

Sweep For the Democrats, Two 3-year council terms:
Winners: Schurtz (D) - 1316 votes; Mitchell (D) - 1173 votes
Trumpp (R) - 1134 votes; Coronato (R) - 1133 votes

Mountainside Candidates 1998 ...

Sweep For The Republicans, Two 3-year council terms:
Winners: Schon (R) - 1266 votes; Mortimer (R) - 1242 votes
Krasner (D) - 916 votes; Brociner (D) - 886 votes

Union County Candidates 1998 ...

One 3-year term:
#Ralph Froehlich (D)* 68,620 Winner
Esther Guzman-Malcolm (R) 32,090

Three 3-year terms:
#Daniel Sullivan (D)* 61,054 Winner
#Lewis Mingo Jr. (D)* 58,595 Winner
#Mary Ruotolo (D)* 61,867 Winner

Juan Fernandez (R) 38,516
Andrew MacDonald (R) 39,969
George Gore (R) 37,737
Mary Varona (I) 5,663
John Griffith (I) 5,738
John Diogo (I) 5,081

U.S. Congress Candidates ...

Bob Franks (R Incumbent) - 75,809 Winner
Connelly (D) - 64,268 votes

The Week In Sports

ONE OF MANY GAINS ... Blue Devil halfback Lamont Turner, No. 30, swept around the right side for one of his many significant gains against the Tigers.

  • Devils Turn Out the Lights; Dim the Tigers’ Hopes, 14-0
  • Rahway Indians Hold BackRaiders’ Big Charge, 21-14
  • Farewell A. D. Gene Schiller;A Special Hometown Hero!

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