Westfield, NJ RegionalNewspaper...... Thursday, September 03, 1998
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Low State Aid is Cited As Paramount Reason
For Tax Levy Increase

Westfield - Mountainside

  • Neighborhood Council Sees Three Decades of Growth

  • Retail Deal Prospers at Seniors Complex on Boynton

  • ‘School-to-Work’ Plan Faces Local Opposition

WELCOME BACK…Second graders at Franklin Elementary School eagerly await the first day of school with their teacher Karen Salter.

School Board Members Object to State’s
‘School-to-Work’ Plan for High Schoolers

FIFTY YEARS OF SERVICE…Fanwood Rescue Squad volunteers accept an honorary flag from Councilman William E. Populus, Jr., far right, in commemoration of the squad’s 50th anniversary this year. Squad members, pictured left to right, are: Captain Jeff Downing, John Oatis, Barbara Breuninger, Bill Crosby, Bob Cruthers, Sue Davis and Ed Sargent. Please see a story on Page 10.

Scotch Plains - Fanwood

  • Fanwood Planning Board Approves Second Chelsea Facility on South Avenue

  • Council Critical of Freeholder Decisions on Environmental Group, Ashbrook Path

  • Fights, Five Arrests at Terrill Road Nightclub

The Week In Sports

UNION COUNTY 50+ SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS… Comcast Cablevision captured the Union County Senior 50+ Softball League Title by defeating Nilsen Detective Agency, 13-6, on August 24. Pictured, left to right, are: kneeling, Art Kopacz, Dom Deo, Norm Stumpf, Charles Lehman, Fred DiMartino, Frank D’Amato and Bill Reichle (behind D’Amato), and, standing, Ron Virgilio, Chuck Ramsthaler, Jim Airey, Joe Berger, Matt Spanier, Tony Yarussi, Ron Torsiello, Bob Canales and Jim Malfetti. Not pictured are Mel Coren, Carlo Melia and Carl Sicola.

  • Comcast Cablevision Arrests Nilsen Detective for UC Title MALFETTI HRS; DIMARTINO, STUMPF GO 3-FOR-3

  • Russell Road Captures Title; Closes Willoughby Rd., 17-8 DANIELLE NETS 1 HR, 5 RBI; JOHNSON 1 HR, 4 RBI

  • St. Patrick Pummels its Way Past St. Anne in Playoff, 14-5

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