Westfield, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Union County, NJ Newspaper Jan. 14, 1999
County Anticipates Dredging 11 Lakes;
Searching For Contaminants in Echo Lake

  • Westfield:
    Jacobson Not to Seek Reelection to School Board; New Candidacy Information is Available
    Councilman Sullivan Seeks Sunday Hours for Library; William L. Brennan takes oath as Judge
    Scotch Plains
    Mayor Samuel to Appoint Committee To Study Direct Mayor Election Proposal
    Sun Tavern Owner Asks Council to Lift Penalty on License
    Part-time Tax Collector Hired

A BETTER COMMUTE... The Westfield Raritan Valley Commuter Line Commission will continue its efforts this year to improve the commute from the Westfield Train Station to New York via Newark.

PREPARING FOR DREDGING…Echo Lake in Echo Lake Park in Mountainside is one of 11 lakes in Union County which will be sampled for contaminants and sediment by F.X. Browne, a consulting firm in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The lake samples will be examined by a laboratory and categorized according to their contamination levels. County officials will receive a report to determine if the lake may be dredged. An estimated five to six feet could be added to the lake depth after dredging.

  • New Freeholder Chairman Initiates Scholarship and Downtown Revitalization Grant Programs
  • County Prepares Workshop To Inform Grant-Seekers; County Arts Grant Program Makes Funding Possible
  • Union County College Posts Courses for Spring Semester
  • 1999: The Year New Jersey Prepares for A New Century By Senator Donald T. DiFrancesco

Six To Be Inducted Into County Baseball Hall of Fame

GUARDING THE “DOG” CLOSELY…Blue Devil Mathew Rosen, No. 4, keeps close guard on a Shabazz Bulldog in the fourth quarter.

The Week In Sports

  • Blue Devil Cagers Scoot Past MX Shabazz Bulldogs, 51-50
  • Devil Girls Pull Off Stinging Victory Over Raider Cagers
  • Viking Boys Rally to Upset Lions in Overtime, 50-48
  • Blue Devil Matmen Impound MX Shabazz Bulldogs, 51-18

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