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The Westfield Leader and The Times office is located at 251 North Avenue, West, Westfield, NJ. You are invited you to visit us at our office location. Park in the North Avenue side of the train station parking lot. The entrance to our building faces the parking lot at the opposite end from the firehouse. Please take the elevator to the top floor (floor 3). During non-business hours, please ring the buzzer to gain access or call (908) 232-4407.

Submissions: We request that you make your submissions to us by e-mail. Cut and paste your text directly into the body of the e-mail and attach photographs in color as jpg. E-mail display Ads as pdf files.

Departments: The newspaper operates with the following departments: general, breaking news, government and politics, community affairs, weddings, obituaries, religion, local businesses and professions, classifieds, display advertising, legal advertising, sports, arts and entertainment, education, letters to the editor, billing and subscriptions.

Editorial Policy: Our editors and writers are charged to create the best, professional "above the fold" local content for our readers. In publishing unique content, we separate news, commentary, opinion, advertising, obituaries, commercials, entertainment, sports and the other components within our publications. We employ a dedicated core staff and are supported by scores of talented, local people. By this, for over a century, our readers view us with integrity and trust. We earn this expectation each week.

Letter Policy: We cherish and solicit your views on matters. We support freedom of speech and confirm all letters by calling the authors. Letters are reviewed for libel, truly bad taste, commercialism, negative campaign rhetoric, falsehoods and obvious errors. E-mail your letter to  by Friday at 4 p.m. prior to the Thursday of publication. Include your name, address, email address, telephone number. Paste the text of the letter in the body of your email; please do not attach files to your email (other than photos). Thank you.

Political Policy: We promote good government, active campaigning for office and informing voters. As a general rule, we do not endorse candidates. During campaign times, we offer all candidates the opportunity to address our readers each week on the issues. Submittals viewed improper by our editors will be rejected.

Paid Political Advertisements are sought, subject to editor's approval. According to the law, we treat all candidates identically in price and terms. e-mail   

Departmental E-mail addresses:
Articles, Opinions,
Letters to Editor:
Sales & Marketing:
Sports: Government and Politics: 
Clubs, Obituaries, Religion, Weddings: 
Arts & Entertainment:  Education:
Classified Ads: Legal Notices: 
Subscriptions, Invoices, Change Address:

Visit our staff page.
(If you know their name, email address is:
first letter of first name plus last name @goleader.com. i.e.hcorbin@goleader.com).

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Advertising: "Below the fold," our advertisers reach readers in a clear and effective manner with the best of graphic and marketing production. We offer Display Ads, Paid Bulletin Releases and Directory of Goods & Services, Classified Ads, Legal Notices, newspaper Inserts and website Ads.

Press Releases: As space may allow and at the discretion of our editors, we publish press release information, edited as we see fit,  without charge "above the fold" from non-profit, charity, government and community interest organizations. For this, our editors focus on the perspectives of our readers.

Paid Bulletins: To serve fundraisers, promotions, solicitors, commercial and business interests, we provide a paid bulletin board service "below the fold." Use this service to assure publication of your content. See www.goleader.com/presskit for details. Email your release for quotation requests to   

Deadlines: We publish weekly, every Thursday. For consideration, please submit  by 4 p.m. Friday prior to the Thursday of publication.

Please include your name and organization or firm; Your email; Your telephone number; Text of the submittal; Date (s) for requested Publication; Special Requirements (please describe).

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