We survived!
We setup a webcam to watch hurricane Floyd affect South Florida, fortunately the damage here was not very severe.

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I'm back home now, I'm going to try to move the camera around some to see the yard. It looks like the water made it all the way up to the house. It has mostly receded since. The winds are still fairly gusty.

Hurricane Floyd has spared us, but there are others who were not so lucky and more who are still at risk.
There are still a lot of people visiting this site. So, if you have any Floyd info you'd like linked or posted, let me know.
I'd also like to apologize for the poor contition of this page. I've been just tossing this together by the seat of my pants and it's been quite a challenge. I received over 470,000 (over 2.6GB!) hits to this page in the last 24 hours, and I havn't recieved the numbers from my mirrors yet. Thank you all for your support and interest.
Some other CAMS of interest:

I'll be putting up a time lapse MPG movie of the pictures I have a bit later today.
Follow link for larger picture


Pic of water


after on right

after on left

after on side

You can see in the last picture that the water came up about 40 feet into the yard. It's still quite high, reaching about 3.5 feet past the seawall.

Another 5-minute webjob by greg@linuxpower.cx
Thanks to the Martin County GIS people for the beautiful Topo map above.