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"Position On Parks and Maintenance Department"

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Norm On Parking:

Norman Greco Calls for Referendum For Parking WESTFIELD - Since 1948, parking in downtown Westfield has been a controversial issue. At least six studies have occurred since 1987 defining our downtown parking problems. These studies recommended the construction of a "parking deck," said Norman N. Greco. The candidate revealed that customer attitude surveys conducted through the summer of 1994 reflected that 60 percent of the respondents were dissatisfied with the downtown parking situation and 76 percent had difficulty finding parking. "Our parking frustrations will only grow in the years to come if we do not address this issue today. "There is a delicate balance be- tween preserving the 'colonial-feel' of Westfield and perpetuating a successful downtown community," Mr. Greco noted, adding that home valuations are directly related to the success of our downtown business district.

The candidate explained that past surveys have shown us that as high as 38 percent of respondents indicate that the parking problem is a detriment to shopping. "The parking situation is not only frustrating, but adds to our congested, and traffic laden streets. Traffic safety issues are also heightened as a result. A multi-faceted approach is necessary to solving these problems. "Whichever decision is made regarding the parking deck and other related issues will have a lasting impact on Westfield," Mr. Greco noted.

"I am proposing a town referendum for the construction of a three- level, colonial-style parking deck allowing the residents to make this all important decision. "Our parking deck should be constructed on parking lot no. 9 at the corner of North and Central Avenues. I have chosen this location because of its accessibility to town, its non- impact to home owners, and the fact that the town currently owns this BEST PLACE FOR A DECK.

..Independent Westfield Mayoral candidate Norman N. Greco has said, if approved by voters through a referendum, the best location for a parking deck would be at parking lot no. 9 at North and Central Avenues near the former Wyckoff's restaurant.

Norm On Town Services:

Mr. Greco Proposal Favors Streamlining Town Services Norman Greco, independent Mayoral candidate in Westfield, said he believes that, "Westfield’s high tax base entitles our residents to a reciprocal level of service." Mr. Greco said he feels there are immediate changes that can be made to town government, streamlining services for all residents. As an example, he said the creation of a "Pothole Hotline" would address daily concerns regarding simple road repair on a "very timely basis."

"Similarly, we need to make our Building Permit process more ‘user- friendly.’ This will be accomplished by creating formal deadlines for each step in the permit process. Specific appointments will be set with each homeowner for the Building Inspector to perform his job. "Each inspector will be equipped with a beeper and cellular phone for use during his business day to keep homeowners informed of any scheduling changes," Mr. Greco explained.

Additionally, Mr. Greco will implement a study to synchronize the traffic light pattern of downtown Westfield in an effort to reduce gridlock.

Mr. Greco complimented the "commendable" manner in which the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments handled the Labor Day storm. However, he said he would like to institute a tree-trimming maintenance program, thereby reducing damage during future storms. Under the direction of the American Red Cross, Mr. Greco said, if elected, he intends to form designated "comfort stations" for town residents during emergency situations. "Communication with residents during these very difficult emergency situations is crucial.

In order for Westfield to improve its services, it must not only be proactive in its approach to town government, but it must be decisive in the implementation of a strategic plan," the candidate stated. "Similar to our parks and fields, Westfield’s roads also leave a lasting impression upon visitors to our town. Gravel and liquid tar is no longer an acceptable method of road improvement.

We must implement a long-term strategic plan to re- pave each street in Westfield. "Ironically, a road projects plan was presented to our current Mayor and Town Council in November of 1997. For nearly a year, this pro- gram has been under ‘discussion’ without any action being taken," he said. Mr. Greco stated that, "A sense of urgency regarding this project should have been created a year ago when this proposal was submitted by the Town Engineer."

In conjunction with a strategic replacement plan for town roads, Mr. Greco said he would institute a corresponding downtown sidewalk replacement plan created by the Public Works Committee." Mr. Greco stated that, "A uniform sidewalk appearance will enhance the image of our downtown area." As part of this future re- placement program, Mr. Greco said he will be asking the Public Works Committee to investigate the possibility of placing heating cores in the sidewalks of the downtown district to help eliminate hazardous winter conditions. "This is the common sense, business-like approach I will bring to Westfield government if elected," the candidate stated.

Norm On New Parks Maintenance Department:

Mr. Greco Calls for Creation Of Parks, Fields Main. Dept. WESTFIELD - Norman N. Greco, independent Westfield Mayoral Candidate, has announced his specific plan to revitalize the town's parks and fields. Mr. Greco stated that, "Our 200 plus acres of public parks and fields have always been a source of tremendous pride." "The latest Recreation Commission park maintenance proposal, 'in recent memory there has been little or no money invested toward the upkeep of our parks and fields de- spite repeated attempts through capital submissions by the Recreation Commission. As a result, many facilities now require major capital investments rather than the cosmetic repairs which could have been per- formed earlier,'" the candidate stated.

Mr. Greco said it is his intention to create a formal Parks and Fields Maintenance Department under the auspices of the Recreation Commission. He said this will be accomplished through the realignment of the current workforce within the Public Works Department. This new department, Mr. Greco explained. would coordinate a maintenance schedule for parks and fields with the Recreation Commission, thereby ensuring that the fields are appropriately prepared for scheduled games and events. Mr. Greco said he believes that "we can always improve upon areas of our town government."

He also feels that the Department of Public Works has done a "commendable job" under the current organizational structure. "However, the department's current responsibilities snow plowing, road repair, leaf collection, and emergencies tend to take focus away from our parks and fields.

This new Parks and Fields Maintenance Department will focus directly on these two specific areas," the candidate explained. Furthermore, Mr. Greco stated that, "The condition of our parks and fields leave a lasting impression upon visiting sports teams and out-of- town visitors. Properly maintaining Westfield's parks and fields is another example of common sense, business- like government. Correctly maintained parks and fields enhances our town's property values." "Our community continues to grow with more and more young families becoming residents in town," the candidate stated. "In order to be proactive regarding this specific area of government, the Recreation Com- mission will complete a study regarding the viability of locations for future park and field expansion.

By addressing these needs today, we will be acting progressively versus our current reactionary management process." Mr. Greco said if elected he "will bring a visionary, common sense approach to all town government."

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