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Snow Emergency Notices below. We will post more notices here as they are received. Continue to the newspaper here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2 p.m. - Crews and plows are rapidly cleaning up the area assisted by bright sunlight.
Tuesday, December 27, 7 a.m. - Westfield Area Snow Emergency Update => Though roads are passable, most parking lots and sidewalks remain covered with more than 20 inches of snow. For downtown workers, there are limited options for parking vehicles. Call your employer for status. The Westfield Leader office is open and the staff is advised to have someone drop them off if possible. The Southside Train Station parking lot is plowed and available to park there, no tickets will be given there today. Call the office for assistance.

Fire Departments and Rescue Squads have been working non-stop since Sunday to care for individuals requiring emergency help.

According to Westfield Fire Chief/Emergency Management Coordinator Dan Kelly the Westfield Fire Department responded to a total of 36 Incidents during the blizzard. Incidents from motor vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide investigations, wires down and EMS calls. The department utilized its two four wheel drive utility trucks equipped with snow plows to cut paths down unplowed roadways to provide escorts for the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad. Firefighter EMT's assisted the rescue squad to area residents homes an local hospitals. One transportation of a local resident required the coordinated efforts of the Westfield, Mountainside, Springfield Police Departments, Paramedics and firefighters to safely transport a pregnant woman to Overlook Hospital. The coordinated efforts of the DPW, Police Department and Union County Office of Emergency Management provided a strong response during the storm.

Trenton- Monday, December 27 - Acting Governor and Senate President Stephen Sweeney this evening released the following statement:

"I thank the countless men and women of the State Police, Office of Emergency Management, Department of Transportation and local public works and public safety departments statewide who have worked nonstop in response to this storm. And I thank the residents of New Jersey whose lives have been turned upside down for the past two days for their patience. "While this storm hit us much worse than anticipated, the cleanup is well underway. "Thanks to the diligent work of our many responders, I am rescinding the state of emergency. State offices will reopen at their regular time Tuesday morning to serve the residents of New Jersey. "Even though the storm is now passed, it will be several days before we have totally cleaned up the mess left for us by Mother Nature. I encourage all residents to continue to use common sense and caution when venturing outdoors, as some roads may still be hard to navigate, temperatures will continue to hold below freezing and blowing snow will still be a concern."

Monday, December 27, 11 a.m. - The Westfield Leader Office is closed today, Monday December 27, 2010 due to the winter snow storm. Should you have a need to reach us, please call 908 232 2882 or email - The office will be open tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28, 2010. Our publishing schedule will be normal for the edition of 12/30/2010. Currently, the main and local roads are passable but most parking lots and sidewalks are covered by about two feet of snow. There are few places to go. Please stay home.

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The Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad responded to 16 EMS calls during the Sunday Blizzard. The medical calls included a women in labor, chest pains, lift assists, various medical issues and a cat bite. The squad also provided mutual aid EMS assistance call to Clark. The squad was assisted by the township DPW as they helped remove snow to allow the ambulances to get to the scene of the emergency calls. Also assisting the squad was the Westfield fire Department as the FD covered one of the squad's calls. Staffing the all-volunteer squad during the blizzard were EMT members Dave Ozga, Dan Johnson, Nick Brownstone, Chris Balok, Lucy Fromtling, Reid Edles, Ron DeVelde, Steve Kowalski, Dan Klibaner.
Jonathan Delano, Deputy Captain, WVRS, 908-233-2500, 201-803-2198

Trenton - Acting Governor and Senate President Stephen Sweeney this morning released the following statement:

"The snow may have ended, but the high winds will continue to keep things treacherous. The state of emergency remains in full effect. I urge all residents to stay home and stay off the roads. In addition, I have ordered all state offices closed for today.

"The State Police, Office of Emergency Management and Department of Transportation have been working nonstop to clear snow and help stranded motorists. I thank everyone who had been working throughout the night for their dedicated service.

"The most important thing for residents to do today is to stay safe. If you have elderly neighbors, please check in on them to make sure they are safe. The worst of this storm is behind us, but we all still need to be careful and to look out for each other."