Westfield, NJ - December 1, 2001

Ted Maki With His Friends Please refresh your browser
Ted says he has $20 and that's all he needs (started at 9:00 p.m.). 

left to right..Ted Maki, Robert Algarin, Karrie Hayes, Dave Corbin, Fred Lecomte . 

Publisher Horace Corbin gets in the act.

Dave give Ted the honorable Westfield Leader jacket.. 

Ted models proudly his new jacket.

Ted models proudly his new jacket. 

Ted give Horace and his friends a beautiful piece of  Harie (paper pasting picure) created by his mother, Mitsuko.

Suzannah Plant joins the game. 

It's Midnight ...See the photos below

Ted says Maybe $20 won't be enough

Indian Poker

How can you win if you can't see your cards!

Somebody is happy.

Dave is working very hard.

Suzannah seems very concerned.

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